• Wish you could navigate through a formal dinner with great ease?

• Want to get noticed in a business or social context, but for all the

   right  reasons?

• Hope your child or teen thrives now and in the future?

• Fantasize about looking like a model, or maybe even becoming one?




• Benefit from more deal closings?

• Improve if you had better referrals?

• Grow if you had more repeat customers?


NATHALIE FINDLAY LIFESTYLING | Personal Shopping | Modelling | Presentation Skills | Interview Skills | Etiquette Training | Finishing School | Manners | Personal Styling | Protocol

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Paris-based lifestyle consultant Nathalie Findlay and her team will work with you to ensure that you are confident, relaxed and masterful in every situation: at home, at work and out on the town.  Let Nathalie help you get the job you are longing for, improve your network and look your very best!

Business Manager or HR Director?  Why not invite Nathalie to speak with your team to ensure that your business  projects a strong brand and stellar image to your clients.  Click HERE for further details regarding Nathalie Findlay Lifestyling's Corporate Programs.

Do you...

Would your company or business...

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If any of these statements ring true with you, then we would love to help.